My New Book

Felix Dodds latest book is out

FROM RIO+20 TO A NEW DEVELOPMENT AGENDA by Felix Dodds, Jorge Laguna-Celis & Liz Thompson




An interview with Felix Dodds in Forbes Magazine by Terry Waghorn. Discussing the backdrop to his most recent book, From Rio+20 to a New Development Agenda: Building a Bridge to a Sustainable Future, written with Elizabeth Thompson and Jorge Laguna-Celis, provides an insider look at the 2012 conference and how it came about during one of the worst economic crises to date. The book is a companion to Only One Earth: The Long Road via Rio+20 to Sustainable Development, authored with Michael Strauss and Maurice Strong, which tells the story of sustainable development at the global level over the last forty years.


An interview with Felix Dodds on Global Connections Television by Bill Miller focusing on sustainable development, climate change and the new Sustainable Development Goals.


March 2014

Enjoying a relaxing moment before the NEXUS CONFERENCE starts (5-8th March). There will be plenary video uploads at the end of each day for those who can not make it to the Friday Center Chapel Hill. Also on my blog everyday The Daily Nexus News. We will be twittering with

From the 5-8th of March the Nexus Conference on Water-Energy-Food and Climate happened in Chapel Hill North Carolina. It had over 300 people attending from 33 countries and looked at the possible contribution that the Nexus approach might have to the Sustainable Development Goals. It produced a Declaration which can be found at the web site. It also launched an Academic and Practitioners Network. Videos of the session can be watched at. The daily newsletter was produced by Campus Blueprint.

At the Nexus Conference with Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute

Speaking at the Nexus Conference






February 2014

Ian Cawsey WSPA and me discussing Sustainable Development Goals strategy and Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia trying to listen in for ideas. My latest blog looks at the process over the next 6 months for developing the SDGs. 

I was on the panel for the UN President of the General Assemblies Thematic Debate on Water and Energy. This feeds into the UNGA stocktaking event in the September Heads of State UNGA session. I did this as co-director of the Nexus Conference my presentation and a link to the whole session can be found on my blog here


At the UN PGA's Thematic Debate on Water and Energy co-authors of From Rio+20 to the New Development Agenda Felix Dodds, Liz Thomspon, Jorge Laguna Celis


January 2014

Just out my new book written with Jorge Laguna Celis and Liz Thompson. 'From Rio+20 to the New Development Agenda' it gives a real insight into how the Rio+20 agenda was developed and negotiated. A must for anyone already involved in international negotiations or an interest in it. As former BBC correspondent Richard Black says: " This is the ultimate 'insiders guide' to the Rio+20 process, taking the reader from the preliminary discussions back in 2007 all the way through the conference itself and into the future. Un tabloid terminology, Felix Dodds, Jorge Laguna Celis and Liz Thompson give us 'the thrills, the spills, the personalities and power -plays' that shaped the summit and its diverse outcomes."


IRENA General Assembly launches the Coalition for action in Support of the Social Acceptance for Renewable Energy. A project i helped put together as part of their new multi-stakeholder engagement process.


Speaking at the launch of Centerpoint Now which is a publication of the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations. The launch was hosted at the Japan Society in New York WCPUN focuses its work on issues on the agenda of the international community, with a view to showcasing the extraordinary diversity of ways in which the UN’s values and objectives can be promoted and implemented. Produced since 1984 – and in the United States since 2005.

Speaking at as side sent at the UN "With Foresight, Games and Information and Communication Technologies Towards Sustainable Cities" during the UN Open Working group on Sustainable Development Goals Organized by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI); 6 Jan 2014


December 2013

My Christmas card this year a celebration of my blog that tells a story of activities around the UN and politics and occasionally a Dr Who episode.

December also saw the Communitas Coalition host a workshop for governments, UN Agencies and Programmes and stakeholders to look at the possibility of a Sustainable Development Goal on Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements. Over 70 people attend the meeting hosted with UN DESA and the government Friends of Cities. The report can be downloaded here.


November 2013


Speaking at Amber Valley Liberal Democrats Annual General Meeting where they elected me as their Hon President. The same month i published with Simon Titley an article in Liberator called "How to be a Liberal Minister'

November saw the Sustainable Development Goals Open Working Group restart - I published a blog on what i thought might be the outcome from this process that will finish with a negotiated text for the September UN General Assembly.

The Nexus Conference is progressing very well and the conference has now an impressive list of supporters: World Bank, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, UNDP, UNCCD, UN HABITAT, UNITAR, IRENA, Stockholm Environment Institute, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and WWF International, Millennium Institute, Bioregional and WSPA. You can book a side event still until the end of December.




October 2013

October was a busy speaking month with, International Renewable Energy Agency, UN Internet Governance Forum, Global Food Security and Sovereignty Forum and a lecture at UNC on MDGs to SDGs.


Felix Dodds speaking at the IRENA workshop on Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy.


Felis Dodds speaking at the UN Internet Governance Forum in Bali

Confirmation of speakers for the Nexus-Water-Energy-Food-Climate Conference - March 3rd-7th in Chapel Hill North Carolina are coming in:


  • Albert Butare: Co-chair of Bonn Nexus Conference and former Rwanda Energy Minister
  •  Adnan Z. Amin: Director General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  • Elizabeth Thompson: former UN Assistant Secretary General and Coordinator for Rio+20
  • Jamie Bartram; Director Water Institute University of North Carolina
  • Michael Schmitz: Executive Director of ICLEI US
  • Hans Herren: President and CEO Millennium Institute and 2013 Right Livelihood winner
  • Maruxa Cardama: Communitas Executive Project Coordinator
  • Jonas Monast: Director of Climate and Energy Program at the Nicolas Institute Duke
  • Felix Dodds: Co-director of Nexus 2014 Conference
  • Diego Rodriguez: Program Manager for the World Bank
  • Hannah Stoddart: Head of Oxfam Head of Economic Justice Policy Team
  • Zak Bleicher: Partnership Officer, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • Aneri Patel: Senior Associate, Energy Access at the United Nations Foundation
  • David Rothschild: Principal, Portfolio Team Skoll Foundation
  • Lyle Estill: Co-founder of Piedmont Biofuels
  • Gary Lawrence: AECOM Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Stuart Orr: Head of Water Stewardship at WWF International
  • Anders Berntell: Executive Director, 2030 Water Resources Group
  • Steve Waygood: Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors
  • Geoffrey Lipman: Former Assistant Secretary General, UN World Tourism Organization
  • Joachim von Braun: Director of the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn
  • Lidia Brito: Director of Science Policy and Capacity Building for Natural Sciences, UNESCO
  • Johan Kuylenstierna: Executive Director for the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
  • Joshua Tewksbury:  Director, Luc Hoffmann Institute

Side events registration will start 14th of October


September 2013

The final meeting of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development happened on the 20th of September. I think I may be the only person to have attended all the 20 CSD meetings and preparatory meetings over the 20 years.


(photo ENB with Chris Whaley UK Government)

What was particularly rewarding was the video of that was played for governments on the last twenty years which ended with a quote of mine being read out by nine year old  Aila Ronald.

"The next generation need not become a generation of crisis, it need not be a generation of fear, it could be a generation of hope and solidarity. Lets innovate have vision and courage to bring this reality to every woman, man and child in the world." Felix Dodds

 We also saw the first meeting of the High Level Political Forum which replaces the CSD and every 4 years will be at Heads of State level. A great first meeting.

The UNGA also agreed to one path for the new development goals you can read my comments at the ANPED newsletter SWITCH

Finally we saw the launch of  Communitas - Coalition for Sustainable Cities and Regions in the new UN Development Agenda which I have the pleasure of being Advisor to as they seek a Sustainable Development Goal on urbanization and human settlements.





August 2013


It has been a busy August.

The new book  'From Rio+20 to a New Development Agenda: Building a Bridge to a Sustainable Future' by Felix Dodds, Jorge Laguna Celis, Liz Thompson was handed into the publisher and will be out for January 2013 publisher is Earthscan at Routledge

It is a sister book to 'Only One Earth' (by Felix Dodds, Michael Strauss with Maurice Strong) and picks up the story from the end of that book and takes the reader through the preparations, negotiations and the possibly road to success for 2015 in the development of new development goals.


Contents are:

 Part I: The Re-birth of Sustainable Development

Part II: Chronicling the key influences on Rio+20

Part III: How did it all come to happen?

Part IV: Multiplying commitments

Part V: From Rio+20 to 2015 and the new Development Agenda

Preparations for the Nexus Conference: Climate-Water-Food-Energy (March 3-7th 2014) move ahead with two major speakers announced Adnan Amin Secretary General IRENA and Liz Thompson former UN AS Rio+20 and Barbados Energy and Environment Minister.


The plenary sessions have also been announced:


  1.     Urban Challenges of the Nexus: Local and Global perspectives
  2.     Natural Resource Security for People: Water, Food and Energy
  3.     Nexus perspectives: Water, Energy and Climate
  4.     Nexus perspectives: Water, Food and Climate
  5.     Entrepreneurial Environmentalism and Development
  6.     Nexus Corporate Stewardship: How business is improving resource use
  7.     Financing the Nexus: policy and practice
  8.     Learning from the past, building a new future: Nexus Scientific Research


 The submission date for abstracts is now  1st of November.

There was also a little fun

July 2013

At the UN Annual Ministerial Review chairing the launch of the Katerva Sustainability Awards 2012 with the President of the UN Economic and Social Council Ambassador Nestor Osorio (Colombia) . Colombia played a critical role in the Rio+20 Conference last year promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and continues to give leadership.


At the press conference for the Katerva Awards with Martin Sajdik, Vice President of EcoSoc.

Award winners Mr. Gijsbert van de Wijdeven, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Bioneedle Technology Group and Ms. Chris Crowstaff, Trustee and Founder of Safe World Women with Ambassador Osoiro. More information on the Katerva Awards 2012 at my blog.

The Katerva Award team in Geneva Ebba Kierkegaard, Felix Dodds and Juan Lopez Villarejo



June 2013

At the WSPA Sustainable Development Goals dinner in New York discussing the issue of possible targets and indicators. The UN Sustainable Development Goals Open Working Group had its last meeting before November and I was also supporting the work on sexual reproductive and health rights which was one of the issues under discussion. June also saw my bid to become the new Dr Who.

I also discussed in my blog the issue of civil society v stakeholders - are the development NGOs tryign to reduce space for women Indigenous Peoples and youth and exclude local government and scientists?