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Felix Dodds latest book is out

Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals: A transformational agenda for an insecure world by Felix Dodds, Ambassador David Donoghue & Jimena Leiva Roesch


October 2009

The last party in San Sebastian -- at the Cuban Bar where else. Great evening -- great people!

The 1st Rio+20 Conference held in Brussels jointly by the European Economic and Social Committee and Stakeholder Forum. The speeches from the Brazilian Ambassador, the Malaysian Ambassador, the Swedish Presidency and UNEP can be read on the web site . Some food for thought on the Green Economy, Sustainable Development Governance and Environmental Security. A great slogan or two for the Summit came out of the two day event 'Its the Green Economy Stupid!' == or Earth Summit 2012 - its the Hampster Stupid! --- you had to be there!!!