March 2016

 Speaking at the United Church in Chapel Hill on the issue of Global Citizenship. If you are interested do watch the video here.

 I also participated in a webinar on partnerships organized by the NGO Major Group and UNDESA looking at the outcome from the government retreat on SDG Partnerships and to help preparation for the upcoming ECOSOC Partnership Forum on the 31st of March.

UNDESA with help from the Universality of North Carolina had put together the government workshop on the 5th and 6th of February. 

The output from that workshop can be found here.

The input paper well worth a read can be found here. 

Although multi-stakeholder partnerships will not be the major implementation agent for the SDGs they will play a role and the how they are managed will be critical. The new rules which will be developed will be retrospectively applied to the UNDESA database.

One of the critical issues is that the database hosts a mixture of things and the suggestion is to take out:

  1. Voluntary initiates by individual organizations
  2. PPPs which are a contractual relationship between a form of governments and the private sector

The remaining would be sub divided into three categories

  1. UN initiated partnerships
  2. Partnerships involving the UN
  3. Partnerships that do not involve the UN

The modalities and reporting would be different for the different types of partnerships.