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December 2019

The UK election was a disaster for the UK and for my chance to be part of the UK team for the Glasgow UNFCCC. The leave the EU side led by the Conservatives secured a huge majority and those of us that supported remaining in the EU couldn't agree among ourselves which our candidates should be in the different constituencies. Although there was a majority for remain candidates that wasn't the case as far actual MPs due to the UK having the first past the post system. I managed to triple the vote and increase ti by 6.1% but when the Brexit party withdrew from the constituency it meant that the remain vote was split between the Libe Dems, Labour and the Greens.  History will not be kind on those party leaders who could not agree on a joint platform.

In the UK - Im not sure what happens in other countries the candidates stand on the stage as the election results are read out and the TV cameras capture the whole event. The Mid Derbyshire  result was the last one of four being read out at the count and happened at 530am in the morning zzzzzz



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