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June 2015




Enjoying time with my children - Merri and Robin - in Key West while working on two books the Governance for Sustainable Development and 'The Nexus of Resource Security: Water, Food, Energy and Climate'. Both are due in by the end of August.  

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May 2015



Working on the twelfth book a series of chapters based on the three workshops that were held by the government Friends of Governance for Sustainable Development. The book will be out as an e-book in late July. It will be the second e-book by New World Frontiers.  



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April 2015


One of the conferences I engaged in in the 1990s and have fond memories of is the 1996 Habitat II Conference, which adopted the Habitat Agenda. I remember it in part because it achieved the most progressive stakeholder engagement in a UN Conference ever. I also have very fond memories of it because I made a lifelong friend in the Chair of the Conference Pakistan Ambassador Shafqat Kakakhel who went on to be Deputy Executive Director of UNEP. In Habitat II I was the coordinator of the NGO negotiating team working under the International Facilitating Committee (IFC) a Major Group platform that managed their engagement in the conference. 

April saw the second preparatory meeting for Habitat III held in Nairobi. I had the pleasure of organizing and running a workshop on How to Lobby with Nicholas You both of us had been active at Habitat II..The Habitat III Conference is a critical one for all stakeholders interested in making the SDGs have impact. By focusing on a geographical area it will help to engage all stakeholders to help deliver the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda – which by the way should be built on the SDGs.

Local and Regional Governments, civil society and the private sector will play a critical role in facilitating the implementation of both and one of the key outcomes that we need out of Habitat III is a new partnership agenda worthy of the 21st century.




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March 2015

Lecturing at University of North Carolina in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

If you want to follow the developments on the Sustainable Development Goals, the Financing for Development Conference or Habitat III then do read my blog. 


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February 2015

While in Bonn at the preparatory meeting for Eye on Earth I took a moment out to meet my 'boss Jurgen Nimptch, Mayor of Bonn. I had the pleasure to work with him and his team when I was chair of the 2011 UN DPI NGO Conference  Sustainable Societies - Responsive Citizens. Last year he invited me to join the 'International Ambassadors' for the City of Bonn which I was very happy to accept.


I had been unable to go to the original ceremony so this gave me a chance also to pick up my special bottle of wine.

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January 2015


Presenting a paper at the second workshop of the government Friends of Sustainable Development Governance organized by the governments of Korea, Mexico and Romania. 

A full room for the Friends of Sustainable Development Governance with over 90 attending. 

A Training session on How to Advocate for the new stakeholders attending the Stocktaking event on the SDGs in New York. Organized by the Tellus Institute, Civicus and Beyond 2015 with support from UNDSD


January saw the thirty year reunion of the National League of Young Liberals meeting in Leicester. I had the pleasure of chairing NLYL from 1985-87 and participating in what was know as the 'Green Guard'. Attending was also one of great Young Liberals,  Bernard Greaves, from the 'Red Guard' era (1965-1975) and co-author of the seminal work ' The Theory and Practice of Community Politics'.

The Green Guard were famous for bringing green politics to the then Liberal Party and in facilitating  the defeat of the Liberal leader David Steel over Defence - in particular over the issue of the UK having an independent Nuclear deterrent which it had historically opposed

The Red Guard are known for being at the forefront of the anti apartheid movement, civil liberties, anti war and of course developing the ideas behind community politics.  A day of politics and remembering those YLs no longer with us was had. An article will be developed in the coming months around the theme of  a hung parliament and the opportunities for a rainbow coalition across party boundaries.

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December 2014

Speaking at the Expert Group Meeting 2015-2016 EcoSoc Cycles with Aleesha Taylor (Deputy Director, Education Support Program, Open Society Foundation), Thomas Gass (chair and ASG UN DESA), Prof Steven Bertstein (Associate Chair and Graduate Director Department of Political Science, University of Toronto and  Marion Barthelemy (Chief. Intergovernmental Support and Interagency Branch,UN Division on Sustainable Development)


Enjoying Romanian Day at the United Nations

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