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Food for Thought What to do With a Minister

Food for Thought

What to do with a Minister

By Felix Dodds

I was chatting with a couple of government representatives on Friday and they were musing on what to do with their Minister. This is of course after speaking at the CSD, doing bilateral, experiencing the Vienna Cafe and of course meeting stakeholders.

So after much thought here are some ideas that governments might consider. It seems that you can hire a President Obama look alike ( ) and its only around $400 an hour. This could be a great investment in your career path...... though I am not saying which way up or down! If you do this but be careful to explain this is a private meeting and no photos should appear on government web sites. Maybe brief the Minister that President Obama just happens to want to have their advice on this or that. Looking at the site you might not want to shoot so high. The Minister might be impressed to meet Tom Cruise, Sean Connery or Nichole Kidman or even Bill Clinton.  It seems there are no George W Bush impersonators available any more so that is out.

There is of course Star Trek at the IMax in its latest reincarnation, though tickets are a little like gold dust or climate change targets. It does seem that it is the film to see; even Newsweek has been caught up in the enthusiasm and claims that ‘Star Trek is way cool!’ Unfortunately you will missed the chance of the Minister attending the panel discussion with the stars from  “Battlestar Galactica” which was hosted at the UN in March on the show’s treatment of terrorism, human rights abuses and religious conflict. Of course Star Trek has also dealt with big issues according to the Onion newspaper it has addressed issues as diverse as ‘space racism’, ‘saving the whales’ and ‘politics is a dirty business’. Now that is something that may get your Minister nodding to.

My final suggestion is the idea of taking them to see a Broadway show. This has of course to be defendable back in the capital, in case it should get out to the media. Luckily there is such a show on in New York at the moment. The Toxic Avenger Musical is on at the New World Stages. It has it all as a play: a mutant superhero from New Jersey who is transformed by toxic waste and his love for a blind librarian and fights to end global warming.  With songs like: ‘Hot Toxic Love’ and Who Will Save New Jersey?’ A question asked by so many people every day, this has to be a must. To top it waste management is an issue for CSD 2010 --- this could help with the preparation for your national report due in July 15th this year.  Remember to consult your stakeholders on your national report....or take them along to the musical....i understand they are always looking for spares.  
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