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Global Citizen


This highly readable collection focuses on the issue of global civil society. This is (rather narrowly) defined as 'the arena in which people come together to advance their interests they hold in common, not for profit or political power, but because they care enough about something to take collective action' (Edwards, p.2). There is an immediate problem with this definition. The focus of the book is on NGOs and social movements. Such movements are certainly a key part of global civil society, but are not all of it.”

Kiely, Ray

Edited by Michael Edwards and John Gaventa

Civil society, or citizen's groups, have taken centre stage in international policy debates and global problem solving. They hold out the promise of a global community and global governance. This volume, by leading scholars and participants, shows how to understand the changes that are occurring, particularly in relation to the international institutions involved. It includes case studies from all the major social movements of the 1990s.

Introduction  by Michael Edwards

Part 1 Conceptual frameworks

Ethical globalization by John Clark

Transnational civil society  by Ann Florini

Part II Global Campaigns Global Civil Society and the International Financial Institutions

Transnational civil society coalitions and the World Bank by David Brown and Jonathan Fox

Information, location and legitimacy by Paul Nelson

 Constructing a Southern constituency for global advocacy by Manuel Chiriboga

The IMF and civil society  by Jan  Aart Scholte

Civil society participation in multilateral lending operations by Diana Tussie and Maria Fernanda Tuozzo

Part III Global Campaigns

Landmines: NGO-government collaboration by Matthew Scott

Jubilee 2000 by Carole Collins, Zie Gariyo and Tony Burdon

Cross-border organizing around alternatives to free trade  by John Cavanagh, Sarah Anderson and Karen Hansen Kuhn

 National coalitions and global campaigns: The International Children's Rights Movement by Tom Lent and Roy Trivedy

The global spread of participatory approaches to development by Kamal Singh

Global citizen action on the environment  by Peter Newell

From the corridors of power to the global negotiating table by Felix Dodds

Part  IV Lessons Learned

 International networking for women's human rights  by Charlotte Bunch with Peggy Antrobus, Samantha Frost and Niamh Reilly

Community exchanges for urban transformation  by Sheela Patel, Joel Bolnick and Diana Mitlin

 NGOs, research and international advocacy  by Caroline Harper

 Effective international campaigns by Jennifer Chapman

Global citizen action  by John Gaventa


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