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Consulting: Risk Management on global green issues

Risk Management on global green issues

Risk management can be seen as the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks. Approaching a problem in the wrong way can destroy years of good reputation overnight.

The emerging nexus of environment and security will see the need for risk management in areas that have previously not needed it. The three books I have edited on the subject address such of the agenda:

  • Human and Environmental Security (2005);
  • Climate and Energy insecurity (2009);
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Insecurity (2011).

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) identifies the a set of principles of risk management which can guide any approach.

Once engaged in the process these should be considered as part of  any approach:

  • Identification of the risk;
  • Mapping out the risk impact to people;
  • Identify and engage key stakeholders and understand their objectives;
  • Be honest and open about the problems;
  • Assign a high level person to address concerns
  • Develop a flexible plan to address the impact of the risk;
  • Look for possible solutions or mitigation of the risks.

If you are a intergovernmental body, a government (at any level) or a stakeholder and are developing a risk management plan then contact me.

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