Tomorrow’s People and New Technology in a Time of Fear 

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Humanand Environemntal Security

“A highly significant and relevant publication! The authors describe in admirable clarity a daunting array of contemporary global challenges and offer realistic and achievable responses. Both the public and policy makers alike are left in no doubt as to the urgency of concerted international action to address threats that affect us all.”

Javier Solana EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy

Edited by Felix Dodds (Executive Director Stakeholder Forum)

and Tim Pippard (Content Editor Jane's Information Group)


Security has tended to be seen as based on military force, yet this illusion is crumbling, literally and figuratively, before our eyes in the conflict zones of Iraq, Afghanistan and equatorial Africa. It is now clear that real human security, defined by the Commission on Human Security as 'protecting vital freedoms', can only be achieved if the full range of issues that underpin human security - including environmental integrity - are addressed. This ground-breaking book, authored by prominent international decision-makers, tackles the global human security problem across the range of core issues. The authors identify the causes of insecurity, articulate the linkages between the different elements of human security and outline an agenda for engaging stakeholders from across the globe in building the foundations of genuine and lasting human security for all nations and all people.


 Introduction       Celso Amorim (Brazilian Foreign Minister)

Foreword           Dr Klaus Toepfer (Executive Director UNEP)


Chapters by: David Hannay, Anders Lidén and Anna Karin Eneström, Oliver Richmond and Jason Franks, Marian Hobbs, Noeleen Heyzer Jan PronkHilary Benn  MP, Melinda Kimble ,  Devyani Gupta , Dr. Christine Durbak and Dr. Claudia Strauss, Jeffrey McNeely, Henrique Cavalacanti, Patricia Wouters ,  Anna Tibaijuka,  Jim Garrison, Sabin Mendibil Intxaurraga, Hannah Griffiths, Felix Dodds, Serge Lepeltier


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