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Plain Language Gude to WSSD


January 2005

"The guide will be widely used in the Commonwealth and beyond to promote understanding and engagement in the WSSD process at all levels."

Don McKinnon Commonwealth Secretary General

The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg in 2002 brought together thousands of delegates who mapped out the future of the global sustainable development agenda. The resulting technical document, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPOI), identifies priorities in the implementation of Agenda 21 and other international agreements and commitments that will take these priorities forward. This plain language version provides an invaluable reference to the outcomes of the WSSD by explaining the JPOI clearly for the lay person and expert alike.


Foreword by Commonwealth Secretary General

Preface by Felix Dodds and Chip Lindner


Part I: The JPOI

  • Poverty Eradication
  • Changing Unsustainable Patterns of Consumption and Production
  • Protecting and Managing the Natural Resource Base of Economic and Social Development
  • Globalization
  • Health
  • Small Island Developing States
  • Africa
  • Other Regional Initiatives
  • Means of Implementation
  • Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development

Part II: Implementing the JPOI

WSSD Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Implementing WSSD: The Role of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development


Cross-cutting Issues

Source Texts




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