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Multi Stakeholder Processes


January 2002

"This book analyses new forms of inclusive decision-making processes based on participation of different groups with a stake in sustainable development issues".

Giusy Chiovato Rambaldo

"This practical guide explains how multi-stakeholder processes can be organised and implemented in order to resolve the complex issues in and around sustainable forms of development, whilst recognising the rights of, and risks faced by, all parties."


By Minu Hemmati with Felix Dodds and Jasmin Enayati and Jan McHarry

Governments, business, international bodies and local groups are turning to multi-stakeholder processes to find practical ways forward. This book explains how MSPs can be organized to deliver their potential for successful resolution of complex issues and for sustainable development. It includes detailed examples and provides practical checklists, explaining how to get beyond adversarial politics and achieve positive results.


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