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Magazine and Web Articles

Dodds. F. Spence C. (2023) Will COP28 catch the next green wave …  or will it wipe out? Inter Press Service News Agency 

Dodds, F. Spence, C. (2022) Was COP27 a Success or a Failure? Inter Press Service News Agency 

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Dodds, F. Spence, C. (2021) Code Red for Humanity and the Planet, Inter Press Service News Agency 

Dodds, F. Spence, C. (2021) Why Mixed Messages Could Turn Boris Johnson’s Glasgow Climate Summit Dream into a Nightmare Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F. Spence, C. (2021) Why Stakeholder Coalitions Could Be Key to the Glasgow Climate Summit’s Success, Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F. Strauss, M. and Spence, C. (2021) Should the 2021 Climate Summit in Glasgow Still Take Place?, Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F. Strauss, M. (2020) Is It Time to Postpone the 2020 Climate Summit? Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F. (2019) Is Civil Society Arguing Itself out of Political Space?  Inter Press Service News Agency

Waghorn, T (2018) Interview with Felix Dodds on "Advocating for a Blue Economy Investment Facility"  Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F, (2018) Perspectives Paper 30: Now Out People and Pollution’ Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue at the United Nations Environment Assembly 3, UNEP 

Dodds, F. and Hemmati, M. (2018) Are Grants For Losers?  Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F. (2017) The End of UN-Habitat? Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F (2017) Wonder Woman Should STILL be a UN Ambassador, Inter Press Service News Agency

Dodds, F. (2017) Forty-Five Years Since Stockholm, Twenty-Five Years Since the Earth Summit and Five Years Since Rio+20,  Inter Press Service News Agency

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